Once the customer has found and purchased their desired parcel of land, our team works with them to find the correct architect for their project; however, if the customer is already working with an architect, we’re able to develop an estimate using those plans.


Once the estimate is approved and the contract is signed, we begin the process by obtaining the necessary permits and creating a baseline schedule for the project.  In addition, during this pre-construction phase, the customer will need to select their finish features, so if necessary, we will arrange meetings with a selection of vendors who an assist with this process.


Once the actual construction phase begins, we will provide weekly updates or schedule meetings if necessary.



Our team has been following Atlanta real estate sales since 2004, so in addition to building and remodeling houses for our customers, our president, Mirko, has also purchased and remodeled several homes for the market.

Through this process, we understand what customers are looking for when searching for investment properties, as well as the margins and inspection techniques required to make flipping a home a successful venture.
When assisting customers with the home flipping process, we are more than happy to not only offer advice regarding potential home purchases, but are always ready to provide the services our personal team of real estate agents, appraisers, design professionals, and subcontractors/vendors so that your next investment property will result in monetary gains.



Over the past six years, our team of professionals has remodeled homes all over North Georgia.  With our extensive background in both architecture, as well as custom home building, we are ready to renovate any part of your home.

We have had success in remodeling:

1. Basement Remodels, Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, Garage Conversions, Sunrooms, and Detached Garage Constructions.

2. Exteriors:  Landscaping (pavers, sod replacement, ground leveling & retaining walls), Concrete (driveways, walkways, patios), Tree Removal & Cutting, Roofs, Gutters & Down Spouts, Under Deck Ceiling Systems, Exterior Painting, Siding Replacement, Window Replacement, Stone Highlights, Fences, and Decks.

3. Interiors:  Interior Drywall Point Up and Painting, Stair Enhancements (removing carpet and installing hardwood treads & risers – replacing balusters with rod iron, re-staining handrails to match hardwoods), Refinishing Hardwood Floors, Flooring (hardwood, tile, carpet), Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, and replacement of entire house interior doors and hardware.


1. Pre-Sale:  In preparation for the sale of their home, many customers find it necessary to perform various improvements in order to not only sell their home quickly, but to receive top in the process.  In order to make our customer’s homes more appealing to potential buyers, we utilize our proven methods of success and work with a team of real estate experts to make sure our improvements add value and character to the home.

2. Post-Sale:  If you’ve purchased a new home but desire improvements to be made before moving in, our team of experts will complete any remodeling changes so everything is complete before your move-in date.  We can personalize your new home with remodeling features such as flooring, painting, kitchen and bath remodels, landscaping, deck and fence additions, room additions, or basement remodels.

Six Steps to Getting Started

  • 1) Initial Meeting
  • 2) Existing Condition
  • 3) Conceptual Plan & Proposal
  • 4) Design Review
  • 5) Renovation Contract
  • 6) Construction Process

What Others Say About CRES Homes & Remodeling

"Mirko walked me through the process. He was at my house several times during the day of work. He followed up with me the day after the work. He followed up with me a week after the work. He explained all the details of the work. I have nothing but sincere appreciation, compliments, and gratitude for Mirko."

Diane Lasorda

from Cumming, GA