Six Steps to Getting Started


1) Initial Meeting: We meet with you at your home to discuss the scope of your project, possible design solutions and your budget. We discuss your goals, visions, design, construction or renovation ideas. We review your inspiration photographs and images that you are wanting to implement in the project.


2) Existing Condition: We collect photographs and measurements of your home, documenting the existing condition. We will collect other necessary information like the plat of your home, HOA guidelines, underground utility locations and HOA restrictions.


3) Conceptual Plan & Proposal: We put together a proposal and review with you the scope of work. If the project calls for architectural plans, we will introduce you to our local Architect.


4) Design Review: We review the scope of work, architectural plans (if required), the inspection process (if required), the duration of the job, and create and explain realistic expectations, specifications, and budget.


5) Renovation Contract: We present you with the renovation contract for your approval.


6) Construction Process: We will commence working on the project, placing a sign in your yard including a permit board (if required). At the conclusion of the project, we will ask you to create a review for us with one of our marketing team members.


* Depending on the size of the project, these steps can be performed together. Steps 1 & 2 be performed at 1st visit and steps 3 to 5 will or can be presented in a pocket folder at our 2nd visit.


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Six Steps to Getting Started

  • 1) Initial Meeting
  • 2) Existing Condition
  • 3) Conceptual Plan & Proposal
  • 4) Design Review
  • 5) Renovation Contract
  • 6) Construction Process

What Others Say About CRES Homes & Remodeling

"Mirko walked me through the process. He was at my house several times during the day of work. He followed up with me the day after the work. He followed up with me a week after the work. He explained all the details of the work. I have nothing but sincere appreciation, compliments, and gratitude for Mirko."

Diane Lasorda

from Cumming, GA