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Maintenance for a Healthy Home

homeIn addition to all the other areas in life that we need to juggle: Marriage, Children, Health, Finances, Church, Work, Extended Family, Friends, and Vacations, there is another one that is equally as important – your home.

Have you ever driven by an old country road or in some of the inner city streets and seen a house around 100 years old with just a shell remaining? Isn’t it powerful to see what the elements can do to something so structurally sound as a home if left neglected? In addition to exterior elements, we as humans also create interior damage to the home through daily life if not maintained!

The house is a living and do I dare say, ”breathing thing”, that like all the other items on the list needs your love and care. The exterior has several parts that need to work together to make it function together well. The roof, gutter & gutter covers, downspouts, under ground down spout extensions, proper grading, siding, windows, paint, front porch and sunroom or covered patio all work together to create the first line of defense against rain, wind, sun, hail, snow, heat and cold. If one of these parts aren’t working or aren’t maintained, then harmful elements such as mold, mildew, moisture, and even water can enter your home causing health risks.

And within the interior, time keeps marching on and with it, designing elements change. Don’t wait until you need to sell your home to create the necessary updates that keep your home current. If a time comes when you decide to sell, the comparable prices in the neighborhood might not best represent what your home can earn in the market. Your neglected interior home might be classified as a fixer upper. In today’s fast paced world, many people want a move in ready home; they do not want to deal with the hassle to fix it up before they move in.

Finally, a stay cation is becoming more and more popular. Why not invest in your home to finish out the unfinished basement or add a sunroom, covered patio or a large deck to increase the home’s capacity and ability to host additional guests, offering special moments. These spaces will create many fine memories for your family. If and when you are ready to move on and sell your home, it has more attractive features for the real estate agent and potential buyer to consider.

Our homes are important like all areas in our life. They provide our shelter and are where we find peace and solace. We must maintain them to ensure that they withstand nature’s elements and prove to be a solid investment for the future.

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Sunrooms Becoming a Second Living Room in Homes

2Home trends show that sunrooms and outdoor living spaces are becoming the second living room in homes. Building a sunroom onto your home adds a place for the family to relax in solitude.

A sunroom provides a peaceful place to sit in the sunlight and read, catch up with a friend or play scrabble.

The sunroom is no longer just for spring and summer – it can be used year round.
Sunrooms also fill the increasing trend to bring the outside in especially if they have smaller outdoor spaces.

The additional space in your home will increase your home value and offers extra space for entertaining and can open out on to the back porch or patio for inside/outside entertaining.

Before moving forward with a sunroom project, make sure the sunroom meets local building codes and is built with the right materials for the region where you live.

Here are a few questions you need to ask when building a sunroom.
• Will the sunroom match the style of your home?
• Do you need to consider shading? Direct sunlight?
• Do you want privacy or lots of windows?
• Do you want to include heating and air conditioning?
• Will you need wiring for TV and electronics?
• Do you want energy efficient windows and other materials?
• Consider using outdoor materials in the sunroom as it extends outside like rugs, furniture, etc.

If you’d are considering adding a sunroom addition, remodel or would simply like a consultation, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Outdoor Rooms Extend Your Livable Space

CRES Builders Outdoor PavilionFamilies are welcoming the warmer spring weather where the focus of the family moves from inside to outside.

Creating an outdoor room allows room for entertaining, play, dining alfresco and taking advantage of the longer daytime hours that spring and summer bring.

As more people are opting to have staycations, they are investing in outdoor spaces and creating areas for play, entertainment, cooking, relaxing and reading.Outdoor rooms are extensions of your indoor spaces and can increase your home’s value.

Before you begin designing your space, ask yourself what you want the space to be. A retreat? Kids play space? An entertaining deck? Be sure to create a design layout for your space and incorporate a traffic plan to ensure there is room for visitors to walk around the space.

Here are a fifteen outdoor room ideas from HGTV in the article “Outdoor Rooms Add Livable Space.”

Consider adding a paver patio, deck, outdoor living room, patio in the garden, or outdoor pavilion or gazebo to enhance and create your own backyard oasis. Contact CRES Builders for a free quote and let us help you plan your special outdoor space.


What You Should Know Before Removing a Wall

Thankfully, most of the newer homes on the market have been designed with open living in mind, which means fewer walls and increased light.  However, whether your floorplan is a bit more closed off than you’d like or you’re looking to expand your surroundings, removing an interior wall is always a decent option.   On the surface, it’s a project that seems simple enough—especially with a sledgehammer and a healthy dose of excitement—but depending upon what’s inside the wall and the extent of its structural importance, removing it may turn out to be somewhat complex.

Therefore, before you make the decision to tackle it on your own, it’s important to think about the following considerations:

What is Your Goal? – If you follow my blogs, then you know that this is a question I ask on a fairly regular basis.  Plain and simple, before starting any remodeling project, it’s worth establishing what your ultimate goal is.  If you’re looking to increase your resale value, your end goal may be very different than if you are simply looking to make your surroundings a bit more comfortable.

With that being said, the goal of most wall removals is to connect rooms or to help better your home’s flow.  Doing this may allow you to increase your seating or counter space, and it may also improve your sight line into other rooms.

Is it Load Bearing? – Removing a wall from a one-story home is much easier than a two-story home since a structural engineer will be needed for the latter—regardless of whether the wall is load bearing or not.  Still, if you’re not a professional, it may be tricky to determine the importance of certain walls since some won’t look the part.

What About the Floor? – When removing a wall, it’s important to plan ahead since something will also need to be done to the floor, as well as the ceiling.  If you already have hardwood floors, it is worth considering the fact that it will be difficult to patch the area and make it blend in.  Carpet is generally an easier fix.

What’s in Your Walls? –  If the wall you are looking to remove contains any form of gas lines, wiring, or HVAC vents, you’ll need to work with professionals who can make sure that they get properly relocated.  You don’t want to get rid of your return vents, only to find out that the functioning of your entire system is impacted.

With that, if your home is older, it’s always wise to be prepared for the possibility of extra expenses since you never know when things like unused gas lines or faulty wiring will be found.

Who to Hire? – While this may vary depending upon what you need done, as well as the location of the wall, you might want to consider working with an architect who can design a new space that won’t completely change the character of your home.  In some instances, keeping portions of the wall may be a better bet than removing the whole thing, so their advice may go a long way towards improving the final project.

Still, depending upon which wall(s) you’d like to remove, a structural engineer may be required, as well as professionals to deal with any plumbing, HVAC, or electrical concerns.  In an effort to streamline this process, it’s worth utilizing the services of a general contractor who can complete your initial consultation, deal with any permit issues, and line up the necessary professionals to finish the work.

If you’d are considering a remodel or would simply like a consultation, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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DIY Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Home maintenance is obviously important, which is why I frequently promote the idea of creating a monthly checklist of tasks that should be completed throughout the year.  However, while it’s tempting to bask in what little is left of the summer sun, it’s important to take advantage of the lower humidity levels and cooler temperatures before winter really sets in.


If your home is missing a special place where the kids can stash their muddy shoes and hang wet coats, fall is a great time to create one.  While some homes comes equipped with mud rooms off the garage, making them user-friendly may still require a bit of work.  To get started, consider adding a large standalone piece of furniture with a bench seat, along with organizational items such as shelves, cubbies, and hooks.

If space is limited or you simply don’t have an actual mud room, you may want to place a console table in the hallway with baskets underneath for things like footwear, hats, and bags, while also adding a coat rack for those discarded layers.


No, spring cleaning is not just for spring.  When it comes to your garage, chances are good that it’s not nearly as organized or tidy as you would like it to be.  If we look to the statistics which state that approximately 70% of homeowners don’t actually park their vehicles in the garage, it’s easy to assume that most people are dealing with an abundance of unneeded clutter.

Consider setting aside some time this weekend to go through the things you haven’t used in two years and get rid of them.  If something has been outgrown, is irreparable, or has expired, it’s time for it to go.


Don’t just think about painting—do it!  If you’ve been going through color swatches for months, yet have found yourself putting off the actual act of adding a new coat of paint to your walls, now is the time to get started.

Since painting requires good ventilation, fall is the optimal season to do it because the temperatures will allow for open windows and low humidity levels will help everything dry faster.


You’ve probably noticed that the days are getting shorter, which will only get worse when we turn the clocks back in November.  In an effort to allow as much natural light into your home as possible, make a point to give your windows a thorough washing.  Feel free to use a commercial cleaner or utilize a solution of vinegar and water to get professional-looking results.


In an effort to make your patio gear last longer, it’s always good to give it a solid rubdown to remove any leftover pollen, grime, and bugs, and consider packing some items away for the winter.  For furniture cushions, the goal is to reduce the chances that you’ll allow mold and mildew to occur, so make sure everything is completely dry before covering it or placing it in storage.

If you have any home maintenance questions or would like to inquire about our home building and remodeling services, please contact me.

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