Maintenance for a Healthy Home

homeIn addition to all the other areas in life that we need to juggle: Marriage, Children, Health, Finances, Church, Work, Extended Family, Friends, and Vacations, there is another one that is equally as important – your home.

Have you ever driven by an old country road or in some of the inner city streets and seen a house around 100 years old with just a shell remaining? Isn’t it powerful to see what the elements can do to something so structurally sound as a home if left neglected? In addition to exterior elements, we as humans also create interior damage to the home through daily life if not maintained!

The house is a living and do I dare say, ”breathing thing”, that like all the other items on the list needs your love and care. The exterior has several parts that need to work together to make it function together well. The roof, gutter & gutter covers, downspouts, under ground down spout extensions, proper grading, siding, windows, paint, front porch and sunroom or covered patio all work together to create the first line of defense against rain, wind, sun, hail, snow, heat and cold. If one of these parts aren’t working or aren’t maintained, then harmful elements such as mold, mildew, moisture, and even water can enter your home causing health risks.

And within the interior, time keeps marching on and with it, designing elements change. Don’t wait until you need to sell your home to create the necessary updates that keep your home current. If a time comes when you decide to sell, the comparable prices in the neighborhood might not best represent what your home can earn in the market. Your neglected interior home might be classified as a fixer upper. In today’s fast paced world, many people want a move in ready home; they do not want to deal with the hassle to fix it up before they move in.

Finally, a stay cation is becoming more and more popular. Why not invest in your home to finish out the unfinished basement or add a sunroom, covered patio or a large deck to increase the home’s capacity and ability to host additional guests, offering special moments. These spaces will create many fine memories for your family. If and when you are ready to move on and sell your home, it has more attractive features for the real estate agent and potential buyer to consider.

Our homes are important like all areas in our life. They provide our shelter and are where we find peace and solace. We must maintain them to ensure that they withstand nature’s elements and prove to be a solid investment for the future.

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