Recent Project: Exterior Face Lift

Customer’s Needs:  The Smith’s hired us to do several home improvement projects to the exterior of their house, which were inspired by two other homes in the neighborhood.  To start, they were looking to add a front porch with a more prominent entrance, as well as a garage eyebrow.  In addition, since they were also not happy with the color of their home’s stucco or brick, we were asked to design a new color palette which would utilize the new window color, while also reducing the focus of the stucco.


With that, since the homeowners were concerned about efficiency and making sure the house was properly maintained, they requested new windows, as well as new gutters, downspouts, and covers.  Their siding was also an issue since a large portion of it had started to rot and since the rear sunroom and deck had sunk 4+ inches, structural issues were also a problem.


Our Process: In an effort to create the pleasing exterior that was requested, we reached out to an architectural team member who helped us envision a four color paint palette.  We installed a rustic cedar porch post, craftsman-style shutters, and metal roof details for a very pleasing result.


As requested, we also installed all-new windows throughout the home and replaced their gutters, downspouts, and covers, as well as the siding that had rotted away.


Since their deck was improperly installed, we removed the old sun room and deck footings, and poured new ones.  However, I was not comfortable fixing the issue without knowing the cause, so upon closer inspection, we discovered that water from the neighbor’s house, the driveway, and the Smith’s roof was causing drainage issues.  To fix the problem, we installed two main underground drainage lines which would divert water away from the home.  From there, we were able to bring both structures to level heights where they could be properly secured and as a finishing touch, we added new tile to the sunroom to give it a more rustic feel.


As a result of the drainage issues, a large section of the driveway had sunk as well, so we removed the concrete and poured it with proper underlayment, rebar, stronger concrete, and a proper pitch.


Extras: While working at the home, the owners asked us to install a new wood-burning fireplace, as well as a new front door and an exhaust fan in the master bathroom.  In addition, since we overheard the homeowner say that they wanted to be able to park their car in the garage, we made a point to organize it for them so there was adequate space for a vehicle.


Result: After being referred by a friend who had contracted us to replace their roof several years ago, the Smith’s were so pleased with our work that they agreed to serve as a reference for one of our current customers who found us on Houzz.com.


When we completed their project, hugs were given out.  It was a great day.


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