Recent Project: Spa Retreat Master Bath Remodel

Picture1 (871x1024)Customer’s Needs:  This customer came to us from a referral and, having waited a year and a half to begin the remodel, was well prepared with several magazine pictures detailing everything they desired.  Their goal was to have a well-lit, spa-like oasis with clean lines that would resemble an ocean retreat.

With this, when it comes to delivering on expectations, we really enjoy working with customers who have a well-thought out understanding of what they want their finished product to look like, so this particular customer made things easy because they had a solid vision in mind.

In regards to a project timeline, the customer requested that we complete the work within two weeks.

Explanation:  To start things off, in order to ensure timely completion, we explained to the customer that it is best to have all of the materials selected and delivered to the job site prior to beginning the actual remodeling process.  Pleased with this approach, as well as our final estimate, the customer chose to move forward with our company.

Process:  To start, we had the customer meet with our vendors in person, where we had them select the granite for their countertops, as well as the specific color for their cabinets.  Since they were looking for a certain hue to accent their marble, we had the cabinets custom made and made sure their plumbing and light fixtures were delivered to the home.

For their tile and tile accents, the customer felt that going to the tile store might be a bit overwhelming due to the abundance of choices available, so we selected three choices for them.

Picture2Conclusion:  In the end, the project went very smoothly and the customer was extremely pleased with both the schedule and budget, as well as the overall quality of the finished product.  The bathroom turned out beautiful.

Having already referred us to their friends and posting a positive review on Angie’s List, we took the liberty of pressure washing their driveway and walkway in an effort to thank them for their kindness.  To the customer’s merit, they were able to make quick decisions throughout the duration of the assignment, which truly lent itself to the success of the overall project.

If you’re thinking about redoing your master bath or have other remodeling needs, please feel free to contact me.  I’d love to help turn your home into something wonderful.

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