On a Budget? Consider the Versatility of Concrete

concrete kitchenWhen many of us think of concrete, we think of bland grey sidewalks and driveways; however, concrete is an extremely versatile and popular medium which has gained popularity both inside and outside the home.  From patios and garden walkways to kitchen floors and countertops, poured concrete has become one of the most commonly used surface materials in luxury home construction.

With unlimited design options that can be enhanced by stains, stencils, stamps, and integral colors, concrete can not only mimic other popular paving materials such as brick, flagstone, slate, and tile, but it can be done in an extremely cost-effective manner.

As an investment, concrete typically costs less than brick or natural stone because it’s generally less labor-intensive to install, and when it comes to the design process, can easily be formed into any shape.  If laid properly, it’s also extremely low maintenance, especially in harsh weather climates where other materials—such as wood—tend to warp or rot.

As far as its look is concerned, the options are virtually endless:

STENCIL PATTERN CONCRETE: This effect is achieved by applying colors and patterns to freshly-laid wet concrete, which helps it mimic the appearance of things like tile, brick, pavers, and cobbled stone.

STAMPED IMPRESSION CONCRETE: This is a system of adding color, pattern, and texture to a plan concrete slab at the time of pouring so that it takes on the appearance of things like slate, rock, cobbled stone, or timber.

CONCRETE RESURFACING: If you’re looking for a slip-resistant, textured, and decorative surface that has excellent durability and abrasion resistance, this spray on resurface coating helps your space mimic things like exposed aggregate, tile, brick, and pavers.

COLORED CONCRETE: If you’re looking for concrete that matches with the rest of your décor, this option has a high quality pigment blend mixed into the concrete prior to pouring, which allows for even, long-term color performance, even if the surface suffers scuffing or chips.

POLYMER CONCRETE: Perfect for domestic and commercial use, this polymer flooring leaves a durable, seamless gloss finish.

CONCRETE OVERLAY: If your existing concrete surface is suffering from structural imperfections such as minor cracks or chips, overlays present a wonderfully cost-effective option for turning troubled, worn surfaces into something beautiful.  With an abundance of decorative options available, you’re sure to find the right overlay for your project.

In the end, whether you’re considering a remodel or are simply looking to perform a minor make-over, consulting with a knowledgeable contractor can help you select the option that best meets your needs.

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