DIY Stair Makeover

ombre-stair-rails1In the grand scheme of things, stairs have never the most exciting aspect of any home.  Sure, there’s nothing like entering a beautiful foyer and viewing a luxurious, classically accented double-staircase, but for most of us—stairs are just…stairs.

In general, they tend to take up a good amount of space and regularly become stopping grounds for collections of dust, toys, and laundry baskets; however, truth-be-told, transforming your stairs can actually be relatively easy and incredibly effective.

For the most part, the upgrade possibilities are pretty much endless—decals, paint, carpet runners, etc.—with projects varying by levels of commitment and skill level.  Still, revamping your stairs into a statement piece within your home is an extremely do-able DIY project, which can turn even the most boring entryway into something interesting.

DecalRisersStaircase1.) PAINTED RAILINGS: If you’re looking to add a bit of color but feel that painting the actual stairs might be more than you’re ready for, there’s nothing wrong with giving your railings a makeover instead.  Easily a day project, revitalizing your railings only requires a bit of paint and some extra patience.

2.) DECALS: Perhaps you’ve used them on the walls in one of your children’s bedrooms; however, temporary decals come in a wide array of designs and colors that allow you to get creative without giving the same commitment that’s required from paint.  Consider placing them on the riser of each step, which creates a full picture as you ascend the stairs.

3.) GO GEOMETRIC: If you have the time and knack for painters tape, you can make a fantastic statement by painting geometric patterns on your stairs risers.

4.) CARPET RUNNERS: Yes, you may have seen them in your grandmother’s house; however, carpet runners can be exciting if you opt for something with a bold pattern or bright colors.  Installing them yourself is a relatively quick project, so a few simple tutorials should get you on your way.


5.) OMBRE EFFECT: If you’re up for painting, why not create an ombre effect by painting each stair a slightly different shade of your favorite color from dark (bottom) to light (top).

6.) WALLPAPER: Yes, wallpaper is clearly for walls, but there’s nothing wrong with using it on your stairs!  If the rest of your room is somewhat neutral, utilize a vibrant pattern with bold colors.

In the end, remember that these options are in no way permanent.  Yes, you may have spent an afternoon applying paint, but if it seems that your creative vision isn’t turning out as planned, don’t get too stressed out about it.  The beauty of these projects is that they give you the freedom to change things as you see fit, so have fun!

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