Choosing the Right Home Builder for Your Project

MartinBuildingGroup-Custom-Home-DesignWhen it comes to large financial decisions, choosing to build a custom home is often one of the largest investments you’ll make.  Clearly, with so much money on the table, there’s a lot at stake.  Problems during the building process can and often do happen; however, you certainly don’t want to encounter hiccups that could easily have been avoided by simply investigating the builder in advance.

Therefore, choosing a great contractor—who is not only well accomplished, but has impeccable integrity—is imperative.  While you will obviously want to secure someone with a high level of know-how and skills, it’s also important to find a builder with the necessary leadership skills to seamlessly manage a team of quality subcontractors.

From here, there’s a solid grouping of pointers which should help you in your quest to choose an exemplary builder.

1.) While it may seem strange, pay attention to whether you actually like your prospect as a person.  At the end of the day, never underestimate the importance of creating a strong working relationship with your home builder.  They need to be someone who you not only trust and respect, but someone with whom you can feel comfortable expressing your wants and needs.

2.) Don’t be afraid to ask for references, as well as all of their licensing and insurance information.  If you find yourself unsure of a builder’s qualifications, feel free to make queries within the state or local licensing body, as well as the Better Business Bureau.

3.) Inspection and building permit records are made public, so request a list of previous projects or visit the local government office where inspection records and permits are maintained.  Specifically, look for evidence of permit violations or failed inspections; however, it’s still important to remember that even the most reputable, established builders will often have a few minor items on record.  Knowing this, repeated violations or large-scale failures should send off warning signals.

4.) As with many professionals, builders have areas of specialty, so make a point to look for a contractor who builds the type of home you’re hoping to erect.

5.) Advertisements are great; however, oftentimes the most accurate information will come from word-of-mouth.  Pay attention to personal referrals and don’t be afraid to contact previous customers for feedback.

6.) Do your homework.  While interviewing potential builders, it helps to come prepared with a design checklist detailing your price range, time frame, location, and necessary materials.  From here, when you finally hire someone, thoroughly read the contract.  It should cover all of the previously discussed facets of your project and make you feel confident in your final decision.  If something in the contract seems off, speak up!

At the end of the day, choosing the right contractor is probably the most important step in building your new home; however, by paying attention to detail and conducting the right amount of research, you should be well on your way to having the house of your dreams.

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