Energy Efficiency: How to Know What You Need

As summer rapidly approaches, so too does our anxiety about all of those inflated power bills.  Sure, our heating costs were larger than average this winter; however, if you’ve spent more than a year in Georgia, you understand the toll that consecutive 100 degree days can take on your wallet.

With this, the government is currently offering a lot of great financial incentives for homeowners who are willing to invest in a few home efficiency improvements.  Yes, it may cost you a bit of upfront money, but the payoff in reduced energy bills will make it well worth it in the end—along with the possibility of loans (energy improvement mortgages).

If you’ve been considering investing in items for your house such as solar panels, wind turbines, more efficient windows, or added insulation, then it’s important to determine what energy improvements you actually need.  In short, not all projects will make sense with your particular home and some might not be worth the money.

house-leaks-with-text-780To combat this, most residential efficiency experts recommend a home energy audit as the first step.  While auditors generally charge about $300, it’s possible to find low-cost or free audits through local utilities.  Once they go through your home, they will determine the most cost-effective things that can be done to save energy.  While things like solar panels and turbines sound exciting, mending things such as air leaks can lead to a faster payback.  Keep in mind that many of the improvements that provide the greatest benefit aren’t always readily apparent.  Things like insulation and caulking may not be very sexy, but they tend to make a great deal more sense than full window replacements or photovoltaic systems.

In the end, take some time to sit down and run a few numbers.  When many people think of home energy improvements, they think of windows; however, truth-be-told, it takes a long time to see a return on your investment with larger purchases.  Instead, take note of small things and make changes to them day-by-day.

For the rest, don’t be afraid to do your research and help the process along by hiring someone to thoroughly assess the situation.  A great return on investment is yours for the taking, so reach out and make it a reality!

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