Remodeling for the Future


While the housing market is certainly starting to recover, many homeowners are still choosing to invest in updates rather than move; however, simply because they’re choosing to stay put at the moment, doesn’t mean they won’t consider packing up in the future.

Therefore, if you’re considering a remodel, it’s important to make sure you invest your money in a way that will yield an increase in your resale value later.


1.) ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS—With increases in energy costs, overall improvements to the way your home handles gas, electric, and water consumption can be extremely beneficial (i.e. high-efficiency insulation & windows).  In general, improving the quality of your home through technological and design improvements can be a boon when looking to differentiate your property through annual energy savings.

2.) BEWARE OF “TRENDY”—Yes, it may seem exciting now, but be careful with renovations that are “so now” that they rapidly become “so-two-years-ago” within moments.  Instead, consider quality materials, lines, and themes that can be considered timeless and classic.

3.) OPEN THINGS UP—One of the marks of an older home are separate, closed-off rooms; however, today’s buyer generally wants an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light.  If you’re considering a remodel, you might want to consider opening some of those sightlines for a free feeling.

4.) THE OBLIGATORY KITCHEN AND BATH REMODEL—It’s no secret that one of the best ways to improve your resale value is to focus your energy on kitchen and master bath updates.  In terms of biggest bang for your buck, even minor renovations can make a great deal of difference.

5.) DON’T NEGLECT YOUR FLOORS!—In general, there’s basically no going wrong with installing hardwood floors (or refinishing existing ones).  While many people are fine with carpet, hardwood floors are not only easier to maintain, but are more resistant to everyday wear-and-tear.